Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The 10 Most Affordable Car Deals For A First Time Buyer

As a first time buyer it’s a little more difficult but certainly obtainable to get approved for a loan when dealing with on the lot finance dealers. Most first time buyers have not had a chance to build enough credit to finance a vehicle with no credit history. All dealerships have different stipulations and may require that a first time buyer to have the backing of a co-signer before an auto loan would be approved.

The Right Vehicle For A First Time Budget

There is one small hurdle to get over when in the process of securing an auto loan. Especially as a first time car buyer you would want to find out which car dealers do easy financing. During an in house purchase process an approval for a certain amount would be granted from a dealer with on the lot finance. It’s smart to do some research prior to selecting a used make or model. The amount that you were approved for will ultimately dictate which vehicle that you choose to purchase. Here is a list of the 10 most affordable vehicles perfect for a first time buyer’s budget.

                                        1. Hyundai Elantra $14900
                                        2. KIA Forte Sedan $14400
                                        3. Suzuki Sx4 Sedan $14100
                                        4.  KIA Soul  $14000
                                        5. Toyota Yaris  $13400
                                        6. Smart For Two  $12600
                                        7. Chevrolet Aveo Sedan $12700
                                        8. KIA Rio Sedan  $12400
                                        9. Hyundai Accent  $10700
                                       10. Nissan Versa  $10700

It may be a wise decision to keep your in house financing auto loan payments as low as possible. Depending on what you have been approved for, you make the decision of your vehicle choice. A way to keep costs low if you are more interested in saving money is to reduce the options that came with the vehicle, if you intend to finance a new vehicle. Otherwise financing for a good reliable used vehicle could suit your needs just the same and reduce your auto loan payment quite possibly by more than half.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Available KIA Dealer Finance Online Credit

To find available KIA finance car dealer online credit you should look no further than at We can aid you in searching for auto finance through local dealerships that have great selection's of reliable used vehicles ready for sale.

When looking for an available car dealer online credit it's as simple as turning on your computer, connecting to the internet, and navigating to the web site. At you will find that the interface is very simple to use with three different ways to search which includes locating dealers who have on site in house finance by searching through any of the Makes, States, or Cities on the web site.

To assess any available car dealer credit online navigate to the "Makes" page and there you will see a completely aligned section of manufacturer emblems. If you know which make of vehicle that you are interested in, let’s use KIA finance for example. You just click on the KIA emblem and the following webpage will include a list of the dealers in that generalized area that have KIA models for sale. You can easily hone in on a local car dealership in your area that also has in house self financing for any vehicle on their lot that you are looking to buy.

Initial Qualifiers To Receiving A Loan

The initial qualifier can be verified online and if you do qualify at that point an appointment should be placed with a local participating dealership. Then all of the specifics will be gone over by the dealership and any necessary documents processed with your loan application. Here is a list of most commonly known qualifiers asked for by most dealerships.

Must have a record of one year with current employer.
Must be 18 or older.
Must be a resident of the United States or Canada.
Must have an income of at least $1200 - $1500 a month.
Any current bankruptcies must be discharged.
Must not have had repossession in the last year.

The list above is considered to be a qualifying list. If you do pass the qualifying list it does not guarantee that you will get approved for an auto loan. Passing the qualifier indicates that you are a good candidate to receive a loan and you have a good chance to get approved for an auto loan.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

10 Best Used Cars In Lafayette, Louisiana To Fit Any Budget

There is a good reason to try to become financially fit in Lafayette, Louisiana this year and create a stable budget. Credit worthiness is looked upon continually as reference for some of the things we need to have in life. If you live in or around Lafayette, LA and were to apply for an in-house auto loan, buy insurance, or even purchase a cell phone a credit check will be run. Your credit is also assessed before signing a long term contracts as well, like a two year service agreement on a cell phone. 

Prior to making a major purchase some individuals may want to what is possible to improve their credit worthiness before submitting an application. It's a good idea to strengthen your credit rating a bit. It is not possible to gain a credit status percentage by taking on a loan from an in-house car dealer finance group. Most in house dealerships do not report to the credit bureau's so these transactions typically do not hold any bearing on your credit status.

This will help when it comes time purchase one of the following vehicles from a list of the 10 best used cars each under 10,000 dollars that will easily fit any budget in or around the Lafayette, Louisiana and the greater metro area.

1. 2006 Ford Escape
2. 2008 Ford Focus
3. 2007 Ford Freestyle
4. 2007 Ford Fusion
5. 2006 Honda Civic
6. 2006 Hyundai Azera
7. 2007 Hyundai Sonata
8. 2008 KIA Optima
9. 2008 Nissan Versa
10. 2007 Scion tC

Bad Credit Budgets 
That Make Good Sense

Creating a budget to include room for an in house car dealer auto loan in Lafayette, Louisiana makes good sense and sticking to it can be challenging at times. When creating a budget plan ahead and give your self leeway in the budget to shift money around to use it where it counts, especially if a payment is due and your creditor is reporting to the credit bureaus. You are in control of your money and you may find that you can not afford to take on an additional loan right now in Louisiana. If this is the case you may have a few additional steps to take care of but obtaining the auto finance that you deserve is definitely not unreachable.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Credit Friendly At Home Car Dealer Alternative

Changes in alternative auto financing are occurring daily in the car dealer in house finance industry. Recent improvements to a law that Buy and Pay Here Dealers must conform to in other states have set the bar for the rest of the nation to follow. Changes to policy have been made to enhance car shopping and financing online to make it a positive experience for everyone even those with bad credit. For instance in Wisconsin there is a new link available especially designed for connecting bad credit consumers with reputable car dealers called  credit friendly at home car dealers. Right from the comforts of your own home you can apply for auto financing by submitting a quick and simple online application at

Just because a consumer may have financed a car with less than perfect credit doesn't mean that they are substandard by any means. The individual may have come across hard times or even just one financial difficulty that may have been the start to an out of control financial disaster. The financial disaster encountered may not have been any fault of their own, but rather a circumstance that was beyond their means. Car dealer financing of the past has evolved and has taken on a new credit friendly approach helping even those with bad credit get the financing that they need.

Car Dealers Helping Those Who Need Transportation

Times are very tough right now especially with rising gas prices affecting all products that are transported and sold at the store level. The increases have been made to recover the rising costs of fuel used to transport the products to the store. A lot more people have had to rely on food pantries or food banks to supplement food for their families. Transportation is still a necessity and people that are faced each week with insurmountable bills and expenses may need to find an alternative source of automotive lending.   

It’s not easy to get approved for a conventional auto loan when plagued by bad credit the fact remains, we all need some form of our own transportation. Transportation is key to accomplishing normal everyday tasks like having a job and being self sufficient especially with a family. Programs have been put into place and grants are given to help needy families, even to help finance a new or used vehicle. The following list is a compilation of the top five goals required of the federal government of any state when participating in the federal TANF program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

·         Goal to assist needy families so that their children can be taken care of at home.
·         Reducing the amount of dependency by promoting job preparation, and marriage.
·         Preventing out-of-wedlock pregnancies.
·         Encouraging the lifestyle of two-parent home.

It does not make you less of a person to receive some type of assistance, when you need a hand up to get back on your feet. There are many different ways to improve standards of your life. One way this could be done is by getting approved for car dealer in house financing. This is also a great way to rebuild credit, especially if you if you are current with all of your payments. So in closing even if you have been affected by our worsening economy these circumstances will change in the future and start to get better.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

California Car Dealer In House Finance Improvements

Over time there have been significant improvements to the in house car dealer financing world of automotive finance. Improvements by way of making sure the dealers are not over pricing they're vehicles and that all of the vehicles come with warranties that will protect the consumer from any misrepresentations like over pricing or selling an unwarranted vehicle that initially has problems. Since this change was implemented in California it has been most beneficial for the consumer. The consumer base confidence has risen dramatically and more people have been taking advantage of a good alternative to bad credit financing called "in house financing."

Some dealers that finance in the past may have taken advantage of unsuspecting customers that had purchased the vehicle under false pretenses. It is very tricky to purchase a vehicle and fully inspecting it's capability for defective mechanical equipment. Small mechanical parts in the motor could become worn or just failed entirely and render the vehicle immobile and possibly costing thousands of dollars to repair and get back on the road. In the past in house car financing used to be the least favorite alternative when applying for at home auto finance. In today’s day and age less than perfect credit seems to be ever increasing for those who may have encountered a financial set back along the way.

Consumer In House Confidence Elevated

Implementation of AB 1534 was put in place to help protect the consumer from being taken advantage of. All of the in house finance dealerships in this state were expected to adhere to these policies moving forward. It was also written that autos that were scheduled for salvage be marked appropriately with a red tag so that the consumer was aware that a vehicle had a bad title and was scheduled for salvage. Often it was not uncommon for a salvaged vehicle to go unnoticed and re-circulated into the public buy selling it to an unsuspecting individual.

The new laws put into place in California have help to improve the in house financing and buy here pay here dealerships. From a consumers stand point it is definitely an improvement that helps to elevate the level of confidence between the dealership and consumer when applying for in house auto financing.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Car Dealer In Home Finance Experience

You may ask yourself what does a car dealer financing at home experience en-tail? It is much easier than you may think. An in home auto finance experience would be defined as, using a computer to apply for bad credit auto financing from the comforts of your own home. The days of sending loan application information through the mail are over. Once the online application is submitted our specialists are on it and will assist you through the rest of our simplified loan process.

There is nothing like getting behind the wheel of your very own first car or taking a long Sunday drive with your whole family. Experiences like these are very memorable and tend to stay with you for an entire lifetime. Also very memorable is finding a great deal on an in house finance used or new vehicle. This step may take you the most time without the proper resource, but at we can help provide you every possible resource available to make your car finance experience a successful one.

Success When Applying For Bad Credit

Having success with your purchase of a new or used vehicle with bad credit in-house finance is not insurmountable by any means. What it takes is a group of individuals who have the resource and care to make the difference in people’s lives who may suffer from less than perfect credit. We do that daily here at Car Dealer Financing. It is our passion to help you find the auto financing necessary to purchase a good reliable automobile. Apply for auto financing today.
The following list of vehicles is made up of the top ten most sought after used or second hand vehicles sold for under $8000 and purchased from individual private sellers and local in-house dealerships.
  1. 2004 Honda Civic
  2. 2002 Infiniti G20
  3. 2002 Toyota Corolla
  4. 2004 Pontiac Vibe
  5. 2004 Scion xA
  6. 2003 Ford Escape
  7. 2002 Toyota Tundra (Standard Cab)
  8. 2003 Mazda Protege 5
  9. 2004 Ford Crown Victoria
  10. 2008 KIA Rio

Monday, March 7, 2011

Do you Have an Upside-Down Car Loan?

Car Dealer FinancingLate in the nineties many auto finance companies started to increase the maximum number of months they allowed consumers to finance new vehicles. A few decades ago, the maximum term for most lenders was 66 months. Previous to the recent economic down turn some lenders were even offering loan terms as long as 84 months.

Aside from the competitive nature of auto dealership financing, the primary reason banks continued to stretch out the car loan terms was because many Americans wanted to buy an expensive vehicle while still maintaining an affordable monthly payment. The net effect of lenders stretching out the term, and consumers buying vehicles they previously weren't able to afford became a national epidemic of consumers with negative equity; commonly referred to as being upside down, under water, or buried in your trade.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense; A 84 month car loan is 7 years. The halfway point of the loan is three and a half years and this is usually the time frame that most of us keep a new car, somewhere between three and four years. At that time most of us prefer to trade out of the used car and into a new one.

He's a specific example of being upside down in your car loan:

Let's say that in 2006 I purchased a brand new loaded up Chevrolet Tahoe Z71 for $39,415. Since I have good credit and qualified for a zero down, sign and drive, purchase with 84 month financing at a 6.5% rate.

After adding 6% sales tax to the purchase price and $150 for state registration fees the amount I financed was $41,929.90.

Over the next four years I drove this vehicle, on average, 15,000 miles per year. In 2010 I decided to trade in my Tahoe with 60,000 miles on it. According to a standard amortization schedule my payoff after 48 months would be $20,314.92.

So how does the payoff compare the used car trade in value of my Tahoe? At the time of this post, the clean Blue Book and the NADA trade value of a 2006 Tahoe with 60,000 miles on it was around $18,250. When appraising used cars most used car managers estimate the costs of any repairs that will be needed to make the vehicle ready for the lot while keeping the total vehicle below the clean trade cost.

In my case the used car manager estimated that it would take $1,250 to bring my trade up to snuff and ready for resale. So I was offered $17,000 as a trade in value.

Since I still owe $20,314.92 on the vehicle, I am upside down in my trade by $3,315.

Although it's not recommended, people with good credit can qualify for an upside down car loan with no money and then roll the negative equity into a new loan. I would expect a higher car loan payment on the new vehicle then on the old one though.

If on the other hand, you have bad credit, you generally have to make up the amount that you're upside down with a cash down payment.