Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The 10 Most Affordable Car Deals For A First Time Buyer

As a first time buyer it’s a little more difficult but certainly obtainable to get approved for a loan when dealing with on the lot finance dealers. Most first time buyers have not had a chance to build enough credit to finance a vehicle with no credit history. All dealerships have different stipulations and may require that a first time buyer to have the backing of a co-signer before an auto loan would be approved.

The Right Vehicle For A First Time Budget

There is one small hurdle to get over when in the process of securing an auto loan. Especially as a first time car buyer you would want to find out which car dealers do easy financing. During an in house purchase process an approval for a certain amount would be granted from a dealer with on the lot finance. It’s smart to do some research prior to selecting a used make or model. The amount that you were approved for will ultimately dictate which vehicle that you choose to purchase. Here is a list of the 10 most affordable vehicles perfect for a first time buyer’s budget.

                                        1. Hyundai Elantra $14900
                                        2. KIA Forte Sedan $14400
                                        3. Suzuki Sx4 Sedan $14100
                                        4.  KIA Soul  $14000
                                        5. Toyota Yaris  $13400
                                        6. Smart For Two  $12600
                                        7. Chevrolet Aveo Sedan $12700
                                        8. KIA Rio Sedan  $12400
                                        9. Hyundai Accent  $10700
                                       10. Nissan Versa  $10700

It may be a wise decision to keep your in house financing auto loan payments as low as possible. Depending on what you have been approved for, you make the decision of your vehicle choice. A way to keep costs low if you are more interested in saving money is to reduce the options that came with the vehicle, if you intend to finance a new vehicle. Otherwise financing for a good reliable used vehicle could suit your needs just the same and reduce your auto loan payment quite possibly by more than half.