Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Car Financing For Bad Credit

Car Dealer Financing
The impact of bad credit on someone's financial future is unquestionably negative. Getting a car loan approval should be a simple enough task these days, however if you have past credit problems, car financing becomes increasingly more tricky. Many companies and car dealers claim to offer "guaranteed auto loan approvals" to everyone, but that simply isn't realistic and none of them actually can deliver on that promise.

One way to buy a vehicle is to look for online lenders. There are companies which are interested in car financing a vehicle for bad credit. If you meet their general guidelines and requirements, you will likely get approved. Approval for dealer financing is not guaranteed with these companies, but will help you to get a car loan more easily.

In the grand scheme of things, few car dealers even offer car financing for problem credit. With many dealers, there is a large down payment required and high interest rate. Additionally, approval is not guaranteed and making promises of that nature are a simply a way of getting customers in the door. If you have defaulted on a dozen loans, or monthly income is just a couple hundred dollars, then it is ridiculous to think that a dealer will approve you with no problem.

However, if you are like millions of Americans who have experienced some credit problems and are now on track to bettering your financial situation, there are a handful of dealers in most major cities in the United States that are in business specifically to help customers like you get approved for a loan. A down payment will probably be required, and your interest rate will likely be higher than someone with perfect credit. But the point is, you can buy a new or used car with dealer financing at these lots with in house finance specialists.


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